The Opera as a Multimedia Scenario


Music with its many representations can be seen as a multimedia scenario: There exist a number of different media objects (e.g., video recordings, lyrics, or sheet music) beside the actual music recording, which describe the music in different ways. In the course of digitization efforts, many of these media objects are nowadays publically available on the Internet. However, the media objects are ususally accessed individually without using their musical relationships. Using these relationships could open up new ways of navigating and interacting with the music. In this work, we model these relationships by taking the opera Die Walküre by Richard Wagner as a case study. As a first step, we describe the opera as a multimedia scenario and introduce the considered media objects. By using manual annotations, we establish mutual relationships between the media objects. These relationships are then modelled in a database schema. Finally, we preset a web-based demonstrator which offers several ways of navigation within the opera recordings and allows for accessing the media objects in a user-friendly way.


With this demonstrator, we want to explore the potential of web-based technologies to enhance the user-experience when listening to long opera recordings. As a case study, we take the opera Die Walküre by Richard Wagner.
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The demonstrator is a joint project between the International Audio Laboratories Erlangen (Stefan Balke, Vlora Arifi-Müller, Meinard Müller, Lukas Dietz) and the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Computer Science 6 Data Management (Manuel Hiemer, Peter Schwab, Klaus Meyer-Wegener).

This work has been supported by the German Research Foundation (MU 2686/6–1, MU 2686/7–1). If you want to refer to this website, please use the reference entry given in [1].


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